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None can deny the wandering minstrel's inimitable way with words, nor themanner in which his penchant for embellishment and exaggeration has renderedyour triumph over the primal Alexander all the more triumphant─and theinsurmountable odds over which you did prevail all the more insurmountable.Reach back into your memory and relive your adventure inside the steel giantas it will live on in the hearts and minds of all who hear the tale!


General Notes

This is the sixth fight in the Morbol raid series and is pretty toughoverall. It's a long fight with many different phases, but each phase on itsown is pretty simple. The DPS check is pretty light, so just remember torespect mechanics and it shouldn't be a huge problem.


Raid Guide

This guide is written assuming you have all Blue Mage spells, appropriategear, and know how to play your chosen role.


Video Guide

If you prefer video format, there is a full video guide available below.The video itself is older, but the strats are unchanged.


Party Setup

For this fight I would recommend having the standard one tank mimic, twohealer mimics, and five DPS mimics.


Utility Spells

  • Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (1) Diamondback
  • Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (2) Mighty Guard on the DPS off-tank
  • Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (3) Stotram on DPS
  • Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (4) Hydro Pull or equivalent AOE on healer


Phase 1: Alexander


Alexander Prime's Abilities

  • Divine Spear: Conal tankbuster, hits for about 21kunmitigated. Can be mitigated with Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (5) Addle.
  • Punishing Heat: Massive magic tankbuster with AOE effect,hits for about 40k unmitigated.

This first phase used to be quite difficult, but now we can skipessentially the entire phase. All DPS and one healer will do aBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (6) Moon Flute opener and push Alexander into his next phasebefore any group mechanics happen. If you do see any markers appear overpeople as he transitions, they will actually disappear without anythinghappening.

Most of the difficulty here is on the tank. The tank should pre-castBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (7) Dragon Force, pull the boss, castBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (8) White Wind for threat, point Alexander north, and castBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (9) Diamondback once Punishing Heat starts casting.While this is happening, the non-Fluting healer will need to pump heals intothe tank as Divine Spear hits quite hard.

If the tank is able to safely hold Dragon Force until after the pullstarts (this requires the healer to really focus on keeping the tank at maxhealth), they can survive Punishing Heat with Dragon Force andBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (10) Chelonian Gate. This is a nice way to get a little bit ofextra damage, but isn't strictly necessary.


Phase 2: Adds


Enemy Abilities

  • Almost Holy: Moderate raidwide AOE damage.
  • Smash: Heavy-hitting physical tankbuster with no casttime.
  • Half Gravity: Heavy-hitting magical tankbuster with a 3.5second cast time.
  • Divine Judgment: Massive raidbuster AOE that signals thetransition out of adds phase.

There are three waves of adds in this phase, but only the third set isparticularly threatening.

The first wave of adds is a bunch of Arrhidaeus's Lanners. They don't doanything scary, but there are a lot of them. Once they're targetable, thetank should cast White Wind and start running around the centor of the roomin a circle to avoid getting hit while the party AOEs them down. If the tankpops Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (11) Sprint they won't get hit at all. Healers will want to watchthe tank in case they do start taking damage.

The next wave of adds is four The General's Wings, one in each cardinaldirection. The party just needs to stand in the center and continue hittingtheir AOE ability. Some groups will stop DPS just before one dies to letthem finish their Almost Holy cast. Four unmitigated casts of thiswill put the party in Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (12) Revenge Blast range, allowing themto use it on the next set of adds. This isn't a necessary optimization, andan even easier one is to just use Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (13) Cold Fog before the castfinishes so you can get some extra damage on the next set of adds.

The last wave of adds is one The General's Might and one The General'sTime. The Might will periodically give itself a damage up buff and useSmash, a physical tankbuster with no cast time. The Time will alsoperiodically give itself a damage up buff and use Half Gravity, amagic tankbuster with a cast time. We will aim to kill the Might first andthen Time, but the tanking of these adds is a bit of a puzzle.

I recommend having the main tank pick up the Might by casting a fewspells and then using Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (14) Chelonian Gate to mitigate the firstSmash. The first Smash is completely untelegraphed, but future ones will betelegraphed by the Might spinning its hands. When it finishes thatanimation, you can Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (15) Diamondback and mitigate two Smashesin a row. See the video for an example of the timing.

You can either have one person single-tank the Time if they're good attiming Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (16) Diamondback or have two people take turns tankingit with Diamondback and swapping threat with Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (17) Frog Legs.Two people taking turns is the easiest to execute, but one person doing itsolo allows you to clear the phase slightly faster.

The timing for solo tanking is pretty tight. There is 9.3 seconds betweeneach Half Gravity cast and Diamondback lasts for 10 seconds, so you haveabout .7 seconds of leeway for timing. Half Gravity takes 3.5 seconds tocast, so if you start your Diamondback when the Half Gravity is 35-50%finished casting (depending on spell speed), you will mitigate both HalfGravities. It sounds difficult but once you get it down it's veryconsistent.

Whoever ends up tanking Time should have Mighty Guard up to generatethreat so that DPS won't pull aggro when they switch to Time. When I'm maintanking I like to pick up Time after Might is dead to allow whoever wastanking previously to go back to DPSing.

Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (18)

Once all adds are dead, Alexander returns and casts DivineJudgment. Once the first textbox disappears ("Executing judgmentprotocol in 10 seconds…") you just need to cast Diamondback to survive.


Phase 3: Time Stops


Alexander Prime's Abilities

  • Mega Holy: Massive magic damage raidwide, hits for about 9kunmitigated.
  • Gravitational Anomaly: Spawns 9 death circles in 3 triangularformations around the arena as well as underneath random players.
  • Sacrament: Massive magic damage forming a cross throughAlexander's cardinal positions (relative).
  • Radiant Sacrament: Massive magic damage in a donut aroundAlexander (underneath Alexander is safe).
  • Temporal Statis: Stops all movement and buff/debufftimers.

Alexander will return and mostly just stand there for a bit. This is agood opportunity for a Moon Flute opener. However, you will not be able tofit an entire opener since about 15 seconds after showing up, Alexander willstart channeling Temporal Stasis and apply debuffs to everyone(except one player). The debuffs have the following effects:

  • Shared Sentence: Deals light AOE damage around the player and applies Magic Vulnerability Up debuff. If the damage is not shared with someone else, the player will die.
  • House Arrest: Two players will be tethered with red and green tethers. These players must be close to each other or they will die.
  • Restraining Order: Two players will be tethered with a blue tether. These players must be far away from each other or they will die.
  • Defamation: Deals AOE damage in a massive area (about thesize of the arena itself) and applies a Magic Vulnerability Updebuff.

In short, Defamation players want to spread out to not hit anyone else,Shared Sentence players need to stack with at least one person that does notalso have Shared Sentence, and the tethers need to be near/far asneeded.

There will be 2 Shared Sentence debuffs, 3 Defamation debuffs, 1 set oftethers, and 1 person with no debuff in the first time stop. We will resolvethem by having Defamations go east, west, and south, Shared Sentences to thenorth (but not stacked on top of one another), no debuff person stackingwith the right Shared Sentence, and then either both tethers stacked withthe left Shared Sentence or one person stacked with left Shared Sentence andthe other with the south Defamation (depending on near/far tether). Thisends up looking like the image below:

Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (19)

It sounds tough, but once you've done it a few times it's not too bad. Assoon as you see your debuff, the following need to be called outquickly:

  • Defamation locations; "I'm going east" (or other direction)
  • Shared Sentence locations; "Shared Sentence on 1", or once a SharedSentence person gets to a spot they can start jumping to signal to theother Shared Sentence person that they already chose a spot
  • Blue tether; "I'm blue north" or something to that effect
  • Green/red tether and no debuff need no call, their location isfixed

If your team struggles with communication or you have people with nomicrophones, consider setting default locations for those people and usingmacros to indicate where people are going with target markers and such. Mygroup had 3 people with no microphones and we were able to do it fine.

Time stops are a really good opportunity for usingBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (20) Cold Fog. The buff timer stops when you're frozen, so whenyou come out you can use White Death immediately, for the full duration,while moving to a safe spot. This also means thatBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (21) Angel's Snack is very powerful as it continues to tick evenwhile frozen.

One final note is that the damage from debuffs is quite high. Ifcompletely unmitigated, there is a chance that people can die even at fullhealth. Try to use Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (22) Addle before Time Stop and apply a freshBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (23) Gobskin before running to your spots to make sureeveryone is safe.

Once time stop ends, Alexander will use Gravitational Anomaly andeither Sacrament or Radiant Sacrament. Find a safe spot forGravitational Anomaly first, and then dodge the sacrament. If it's normalSacrament, you need to be on Alexander's intercardinals to be safe. If it'sRadiant Sacrament, you need to be under Alexander to be safe. For RadiantSacrament consider using Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (24) J Kick or just sprinting straightin to the center, as the dead center of the arena is always safe. RadiantSacrament snapshotting is wacky, so it will take some practice to not die toit.

Gravitational Anomaly places circles on the ground in the followingpattern (but it can be rotated around the arena in any orientation), as wellas underneath people and will kill anyone standing inside after a shortdelay. Stay out of th ecenter to avoid putting circles there, wait for thecircles to appear, and then move accordingly. It can take some practice toget used to these patterns, but it's important to note that there areno impossible patterns, and it's always possible to avoid thecircles.

Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (25)

After Sacrament, Alexander will follow up with Mega Holy so makesure everyone is healed up. If you don't mitigate the damage at all, andhave food up, then everyone will be in Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (26) Revenge Blastrange. This was crucial at level 60 for clears, butBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (27) Cold Fog is a great substitute that is easier toexecute.

After Mega Holy, it's another Spear → Heat → Spear tankbustercombo before going into a second time stop. The second time stop is the sameas the first, but there will be 2 Defamations instead of 3 and 2 sets oftethers instead of 1. The tethers will need to split between the SharedSentence players and split north/south as needed, and the Defamation playerswill again need to pick an east, west, or south location.

After the second time stop Alexander will cast Gravitational Anomaly andwhichever Sacrament he didn't use for the first time stop. After Sacrament,Alexander will once again cast Mega Holy and a Spear → Heat →Spear combo yet again before transitioning to the next phase.


Phase 4: Time Gates


Alexander Prime's Abilities

  • Judgment Crystal: Deals moderate damage to the target anddrops a crystal at the location where it was baited.
  • Tetrashatter: Deals proximity-based AOE damage from a crystalwhen Alexander gets too close to it.
  • Inception: Alexander teleports away and returns at a cardinalor intercardinal, casting Sacrament as he arrives.

Alexander will briefly teleport away and then return to the center. Fourtime gates will appear, one each to the northwest, northeast, southwest, andsoutheast. The two northern ones are "DPS," the southwest is "off-tank," andthe southeast is "healer." Assign people to go into each time gate. Eachgate has an add inside that needs to be killed. The two DPS should killtheir add and then use the glowing circles that appear to go help the tankand healer with theirs. The off-tank add will use Smash, so the off-tankwill need to get aggro and then use Diamondback. Alternatively, the add canbe blown up very quickly with Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (28) Moon Flute andBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (29) Triple Trident/Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (30) Matra Magic/Primal spellsbefore Smash even happens. The healer will mostly need to spamBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (31) Pom Cure on themselves to stay alive during Half Gravitycasts but can also blow their add up similarly to the off-tank. Half Gravitydoes a percentage of health, so don't use things likeBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (32) Devour that increase your HP or you may risk dying whenthe buff falls off. The adds need to die pretty quickly or it will cause awipe.

The four folks outside will have slightly more responsibility. There willbe four crystals that will drop in sequence with mechanics happening betweeneach. These crystals need to be dropped between each cardinal and theintercardinal spot clockwise from it. It sounds strange, but when Alexanderuses Inception later he will appear in a cardinal or intercardinal spot anddetonate crystals if nearby. We use the detonating crystal to see where heis, so we want to drop crystals two notches (on the ground) clockwise fromeach red circle like this to know where he is coming from:

Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (33)

Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (34)

I like to start at the northernmost spot and go clockwise to each ofthem. Whoever gets targeted will need to go to the proper spot between thetwo red circles to drop their crystal. After the first crystal, someone willbe targeted with a stack marker. It's easiest to just have this personBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (35) Diamondback to survive. After the second crystal,Alexander will use Sacrament or Radiant Sacrament so dodge accordingly.After the third crystal Alexander will use Punishing Heat so the tank willneed to mitigate appropriately. For this tankbuster I recommend usingBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (36) Dragon Force and Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (37) Chelonian Gate orcasting Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (38) Diamondback early (a few seconds after the thirdcrystal drops) so that they can move to the fourth crystal spot if they gettargeted. The tank should try to keep Alexander as centered as possible,since he blows up the crystals with Tetrashatter if he gets tooclose.

The time gate players should return at some point around the third orfourth crystal, but they will not get targeted by any of the remainingcrystals.

If done correctly, the crystals should be dropped according to thediagram above, with each possible spawn being adjacent to a crystal. About15 seconds after the fourth crystal drops, Alexander will start castingInception and then disappear. The party should return to the centerof the arena during the Inception cast to get ready for the movement.


Phase 5: Inception


Alexander Prime's Abilities

  • Incinerating Heat: Magic damage stack marker.

When Alexander disappears, he will choose a cardinal or intercardinal tospawn at and will blow up the adjacent crystal with Tetrashatter and alsouse Sacrament. We don't know which spot specifically he will spawn at but itdoesn't matter. The proximity marker will tell us which direction to run tobe safe, as shown in the diagram below where he's spawning in either thenorth or northeast (but this applies to any pair of spawn points):

Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (39)

As soon as you see the proximity marker from a crystal, run away from thecrystal and east/west relative to the crystal. This will reduce thedamage from Tetrashatter and avoid the Sacrament.

Alexander will start casting Radiant Sacrament immediately after hereturns, so Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (40) J Kick or sprint in to be safe. Next will be aSpear → Heat combo, so have the tank face him away from the party andmitigate appropriately. After the tankbusters there will be a GravitationalAnomaly followed by Incinerating Heat. Stay out of the center, andthen have everyone move to the center to share the stack damage.

After the stack Alexander will start casting Inception again, but thistime will apply time stop debuffs to people. One person will receive SharedSentence, one person will receive Defamation, and the rest will haverandomly determined tethers. The safe spots from Alexander are the same asabove, but now we need to handle these debuffs as well. Have Shared Sentencerun to the relative west safe spot, and Defamation run to the relative eastsafe spot. All green/red tethers can run west with Shared Sentence, but anyblue tethers will have to split between east and west. The tethers disappearafter a few seconds, so you only have a brief time to determine who is goingwhere. This is the hardest mechanic for us in this fight, but it ends uplooking like this when resolved:

Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (41)


Phase 6: Summon Alexander


Enemy Abilities

  • Void of Repentance: Puddles that deal big magic damage andapply a Magic Vulnerability Up and Healing Potency Down debuff.
  • Holy Scourge: Multi-hit magic tankbuster indicated by Preymarker.
  • Chastening Heat: Magic tankbuster that applies PhysicalVulnerability Up to the target.
  • Holy Bleed: Massive raidwide AOE.
  • Communion: Chaser AOE under four random players.

When Alexander gets summoned there will also be Void of Repentancetwo pools that will spawn. To handle this, have the tank take one pool andsomeone else take the other pool. Once in the pool, the players should castBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (42) Diamondback to soak all three hits. These players willstill need heals even through Diamondback. There is about 11 seconds betweenthe spawn of the pools and the first hit, and about 8 seconds between thefirst hit and the third hit. Once you get to the pool you'll want to wait afew seconds and then cast Diamondback to ensure that all three hits getmitigated. Each hit applies Magic Vulnerability Up and Healing Potency Downdebuffs.

After the pools, Alexander will cast Incinerating Heat again so everyoneexcept the pool soakers should group up. He will then start casting HolyBleed which is a massive AOE, followed by Holy Scourgetankbusters (target will need to Diamondback) and Chastening Heat. Ifyour group gets to this point it's likely a wipe. This phase repeats withthe addition of Communion puddles that need to be baited until hardenrage is hit.


Final Sting

Alexander Prime's Final Sting threshold is 15%. Once he is at 15%, applyBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (43) Off-guard, then use Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (44) Moon Flute, anyPrimal abilities you have, and finish with Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (45) Whistle andBlue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (46) Final Sting. Most groups will be able to Final Stingbefore Inception 2, and being able to do so makes the fight dramaticallyeasier.



  • 26 Jun. 2023: Guide added.

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Blue Mage Alexander Prime Raid Guide (2024)


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  2. Reach the bottom of Gael Tunnel.
  3. Meet Alexander at Redmane Castle.
  4. Free Alexander again in Liurnia.
  5. Find Alexander bathing in lava.
  6. Find Alexander in Crumbling Farum Azula.
  7. Fight Alexander.
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Elden Ring Iron Fist Alexander questline walkthrough
  1. Free Alexander from the ground near Saintsbridge.
  2. Reach the bottom of Gael Tunnel.
  3. Meet Alexander at Redmane Castle.
  4. Free Alexander again in Liurnia.
  5. Find Alexander bathing in lava.
  6. Find Alexander in Crumbling Farum Azula.
  7. Fight Alexander.
Aug 9, 2022

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