Maps and charts show who won the General Election in your area (2024)

The last of the results from the UK General Election are trickling in – and it’s proved to be a landslide victory for the Labour Party.

From the moment the exit poll came out, it was clear Labour and Sir Keir Starmer were on course to win as the Conservative Party suffered their worst defeat in 200 years.

And many of these included top Tories, some of whom have shaped the lives of Britons for years.

As the final results come in, keep up with the latest breaking news – and how Team Metro is coping with their all-nighter – in our election live blog.

If you also love to follow the hard data and get a sense of the bigger picture of how the country voted, then this is the page for you as we keep you updated throughout the night.

Below you will find a series of maps and charts that will continually update as the results come in for all 650 constituencies around the country.

Race to power: Number of seats won by each party

The race to power has nearly reached its finale but Labour won it several hours ago after hitting the 326 seats needed to win an overall majority.

They won that many – and then some. The party has netted 211 more seats than the last election, with the total nowat 412.

The Conservatives have lost 250 seats so far. This leaves them with 121, so will remain relevant as Labour’s main opposition.

It’s been a night of extremes. The Scottish National Party (SNP) have lost 38 seats, with just eight clinging to their seats for now, while the Lib Dems have seen massive gains – 63 to be exact – so have 71.

We will also keep you updated as to how each of the political parties are performing.

Labour has achieved massive landslide

Labour are already on 412 seats, just six fewer than Tony Blair won in 1997 and have already been declared the winner of this general election.

This stops short of a ‘supermajority’ that many opinion polls predicted and Rishi Sunak feared would happen.

Starmer thanked those who went out of their way to voting booths to vote for Labour.

The deputy leader of the Labour Party Angela Rayner believes her party are experienced a landslide because of people’s frustration about the Tory party.

She said: ‘Keir has done a tremendous job in transforming the Labour Party and putting forward a programme for government that the country can get behind and after 14 years of the chaos and the scandals and the decline we have seen under Tories I think they are getting punished for that – that’s pretty clear in the polls as well.’

Share of popular vote

Under the first-past-the-post system, the person with the most votes becomes the MP. The rest get nothing.

So as much as a party may be popular, if their supporters are spread out evenly across the country, this popularity won’t be converted into seats.

Unsurprisingly, Labour is very much topping the popular vote.

What is surprising, however, is that Reform UK is trailing high and have beaten the Tories in many constituencies.

Meanwhile, the Lib Dems and Greens are doing well on 12% and 7% respectively, but this does not equate to seat numbers won.

Swing of popular vote

The popular vote for the Tories has swung back by a thumping 20% – that’s way down in comparison to the 2019 General Election.

The rest of the parties in our swingometer have only gone down or up by a percentage or two. The Greens, however, have surged by 4%,

Reform UK are not included in this graph because the party existed as the Brexit Party in the 2019 General Election.

Change in share of vote

The change in vote share is also quite remarkable for the two main parties – an increase for Labour and a dramatic decrease for the Tories.

Smaller parties like the Greens seem to have slightly increased their share of the vote, but stay tuned for the full results as they come in tonight.

Tories face biggest electoral defeat in history

Labour’s landslide win in two numbers? It’s ended 14 years of Tory rule and is the former governing party’s worst election result in 200 years.

When the party was led by Boris Johnson in the 2019 General Election it won 365 seats, but the exit poll suggested the party will only win 131 seats. (They’re on 121 at the moment and can only achieve a maximum of 123.)

While Chancellor Jeremy Hunt managed to cling on to his seat others who have lost their seats include the commons leader Penny Mordaunt, defence secretary Grant Shapps, and justice secretary Alex Chalk.

While Rishi Sunak announced he will resign as party leader this morning, his Richmond and Northallerton seat remained safe.

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Maps and charts show who won the General Election in your area (2024)
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