Phillies Charities, Inc. 50/50 Drawing | Philadelphia Phillies (2024)

1. Phillies Charities, Inc. ("Phillies Charities") will conduct a 50/50 Drawing (each, a "Drawing") at Citizens Bank Park on such of the dates on which home games (regular season and post-season) of the Philadelphia Phillies are scheduled to be played as it may elect.

2. On each of those dates, Drawing tickets will be sold throughout Citizens Bank Park from one hour prior to first pitch through the earlier of the end of the 7th inning of that date's game or the time at which a decision is announced that the game or its completion has been postponed to a later date or cancelled. For select promotional dates, ticket sales will begin when gates open. Such sales shall be for cash, as follows: (a) three tickets for five dollars; (b) ten tickets for ten dollars; and (c) eighty tickets for twenty dollars. Every Drawing ticket sale will be final and each ticket purchased will represent one entry in the drawing for the winner of the Drawing. Phillies Charities shall, from time to time throughout the period that Drawing tickets are being sold, identify on signage within the ballpark the charitable organization(s) for whose benefit the Drawing is being conducted.

3. Following the conclusion of the 7th inning (or the announcement of any postponement or cancellation of the game), a single winning Drawing ticket will be randomly drawn utilizing an automated computer program. The winning ticketholder need not be present at the time of the drawing in order to win. The winning Drawing ticket will be announced during the 8th inning (or within fifteen minutes following any such postponement or cancellation announcement), by posting its number on the ballpark's electronic side boards from time to time and by thereafter being posted for at least the next thirty days on the Phillies Charities website (

4. Each Drawing, and all tickets, transactions, participants, purchasers, winners and other aspects of the Drawing whatsoever, are subject to these Official Rules, to the Pennsylvania Local Option Small Games of Chance Act and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto (together, "the Act"), and to any and all other statutes and regulations that may be applicable thereto.

5. Half of the amount of the gross proceeds from the sale of tickets for each Drawing (as determined by Phillies Charities in its sole discretion) shall constitute the Drawing's prize (the "Prize"). The other half shall be retained by Phillies Charities for distribution to charitable organizations in accordance with the Act.Prize winners will be subject to all withholding tax and other federal, state and local tax requirements.

6. To prove entitlement to any Prize, the holder of the winning Drawing ticket must do the following, in person by appointment only at the offices of Phillies Charities at Citizens Bank Park (1 Citizens Bank Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148) on or before midnight of the day which is fifteen days following the later of the last day of The Phillies regular season or of its last post-season game: (a) produce the winning Drawing ticket; (b) complete and sign the appropriate Prize Claim Form; and (c) complete and sign all applicable tax forms. Please contact [emailprotected] or 215-463-1000 to schedule an in-person appointment. Once those steps have been timely completed to its reasonable satisfaction, Phillies Charities will, within thirty days thereafter, mail its check, in the amount of the Prize net of any applicable tax withholding, to the person and at the address specified in the Prize Claim Form. Any Prize that is not properly and timely so claimed and any Prize check so mailed that is returned undeliverable, shall be deemed forfeited and the Prize amount shall instead be retained by Phillies Charities for distribution to charitable organizations in accordance with the Act.

7. Drawing tickets may not be purchased and Prizes may not be claimed by any person who is: (a) not at least 18 years old; (b) visibly intoxicated; or (c) selling tickets for or otherwise engaged in the operation of that Drawing or is a director and/or officer of Phillies Charities, or a member of the immediate family of any such person. A Drawing ticket is void and its holder is ineligible to win the Prize if there is sufficient evidence, in the sole discretion of Phillies Charities, that the ticket was improperly issued, printed in duplicate or in error, counterfeited, stolen, illegible, altered or subject to other similar or dissimilar material deficiencies and Phillies Charities will have no liability with respect to or the redemption in error of such a ticket. Unauthorized persons copying, selling or altering Drawing tickets or otherwise undermining the legitimate operation of a Drawing are subject to prosecution.

8. By purchasing a Drawing ticket, each ticketholder agrees to have his or her name, address, biographical information, photograph, image and likeness, and voice published, broadcast and otherwise reproduced by Phillies Charities and/or The Phillies in any media or format, worldwide, for publicity and promotional purposes, without notice, review or approval and without further payment or consideration, for an unlimited duration.

9. Each person who purchases a Drawing ticket, together with his or her personal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns (collectively, a "Participant"), is by that act conclusively deemed to have agreed with Phillies Charities as follows: (a) to defend, indemnify, release and forever discharge Phillies Charities, The Phillies and each of the other Major League Baseball Clubs (individually and collectively), the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball and the respective present and future affiliated entities, owners (direct and indirect), officers, directors, employees, agents and committees of the foregoing persons or entities (collectively the "Released and Indemnified Parties"), from and against any and all claims, injuries, losses, damages or liabilities of any nature whatsoever to persons or property, which such Participant may now or hereafter assert, including but not limited to claims for injury, death, illness or damages, resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation in any Drawing and from acceptance, receipt, ownership, possession, misuse or use of any Prize; (b) to waive any right to claim any ambiguity or defect in the operation of any Drawing or in these Official Rules; (c) that the Released and Indemnified Parties have made no representation, warranty or guaranty, expressed or implied, in law or in fact, relative to the operation of the Drawings or to any Prize, and are not responsible for any errors in Drawing operations, Prizes or materials; (d) to waive all rights to bring a class action suit or to claim punitive, incidental, special and consequential damages, attorney's fees or any damages from or against any of the Released and Indemnified Parties other than actual out-of-pocket costs incurred to purchase a Drawing ticket; (e) that any disputes will be resolved in Philadelphia and governed under Pennsylvania law, without reference to its conflicts of law principles; (f) that any failure to enforce any provision of these Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that or any other provision; and (g) that Phillies Charities may modify, suspend or postpone any Drawing to the extent in its judgment necessitated by, infection, tampering, fraud, unauthorized intervention or technical failure or by force majeure or any other reason beyond its reasonable control.

10. Phillies Charities is a Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation, which enjoys IRC Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and which raises money for distribution to charitable organizations. The Phillies is a Pennsylvania limited partnership, which owns and operates the Major League Baseball team known as the Philadelphia Phillies. While the two entities are affiliated, each is a separate legal entity, distinct from the other. Phillies Charities is conducting the Drawings at Citizens Bank Park with the permission of The Phillies, but Phillies Charities is solely responsible for the operation and conduct of the Drawings. A copy of Phillies Charities' official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free in Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsem*nt

Phillies Charities, Inc. 50/50 Drawing | Philadelphia Phillies (2024)


How to check Phillies 50/50 raffle? ›

The winning Drawing ticket will be announced during the 8th inning (or within fifteen minutes following any such postponement or cancellation announcement), by posting its number on the ballpark's electronic side boards from time to time and by thereafter being posted for at least the next thirty days on the Phillies ...

How do I request donations to the Phillies? ›

Written requests must be received at least six weeks in advance of event. To make an item donation request for your upcoming fundraising event, mail a one-page request on letterhead or signed letter by event planner. In-kind donation requests may be mailed to: Phillies Community Outreach-Donations.

Where can I buy Phillies 50/50? ›

Fans can purchase 50/50 drawing every home game during the 2024 season from any of the kiosks located throughout the ballpark. Ticket sales will begin one hour prior to first pitch and close immediately after the 7th inning.

How do you get your name on the Phillies scoreboard? ›

See your name in lights with a choice of four options: $20 package includes name on the scoreboard when the birthday list is scrolled at the end of the 4th inning; $30 package includes name on the scoreboard and an exclusive Phillies cap; $40 package includes name on the scoreboard, Phillies cap and a visit to your ...

What happens when you win 50 50 raffle? ›

Participants purchase tickets, and the winner walks away with half the total money raised while the rest goes straight to your charity. The cool thing about a 50/50 raffle is that the more entries you get, the more the pot grows.

How much would it cost to buy the Phillies? ›

Franchise value of the Philadelphia Phillies 2002-2024

In 2024, the Philadelphia Phillies had an estimated value of approximately 2.93 billion U.S. dollars. Compared to the previous year, the Major League Baseball franchise's value increased by 13.5 percent.

What is 50/50 raffle baseball? ›

As authorized, 50 percent of the gross receipts generated from the sale of raffle tickets must be used to benefit or provide support for beneficial or charitable purposes in California, and the other 50 percent must be paid to the winner, which is determined by a manual draw.

What are the upgrades for Citizens Bank Park in 2024? ›

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A new mural painted by a South Jersey artist, a high-tech out-of-town scoreboard in right field and updated food items are among what's new Citizens Bank Park for the 2024 season, the Philadelphia Phillies announced Monday.

How to tell the Phillies it's your birthday? ›

Thank you for your interest in celebrating your birthday at Citizens Bank Park! All packages must be purchased over the phone by calling 215-463-5000. Hours of operations are 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday. Packages are only available for Phillies home games and must be purchased in advance.

What is the magic number for the Phillies? ›

Phillies magic number to win any Wild Card is 3.

Does the Buck family own the Phillies? ›

Currently, the Buck family and Middleton family each own 48.75% of the Phillies, with the rest held by former GM and Baseball Hall of Famer Pat Gillick and the family of the late David Montgomery. The deal is still subject to MLB approvals.

Are 50 50 raffles worth it? ›

Benefits of 50/50 raffles

50/50 raffles are an easy way to fundraise. The cash prize and low raffle ticket prices are encouraging enough to sell many tickets. 50/50 raffles are simple and well-known to most fundraising audiences, so you shouldn't have to explain it in too much detail before selling tickets.

How do I access my Phillies tickets? ›

My Account (General Login)
  1. To access your account, please proceed to
  2. Click the Sign-Up button.
  3. Enter your name, email address, and password, then accept the Terms & Conditions and click Sign Up.
  4. You are now ready to start using My Phillies Tickets to manage your account online!

What is a reverse 50 50 raffle? ›

Reverse Raffle

Unlike the 50/50 raffle, players know the amount of the prize before the game begins, which is half the appeal. The winner of this raffle is not the number called. Instead, the winner is the last one left whose ticket number was not called.

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