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Player Level: 70
Item Level: 300
Patch 4.1:The Legend Returns
Orchestrion Roll:TBD


Dungeon Bosses



Phase 1 Alerts

  • The edges of the arena are danger zones during this fight and will apply Water Resist Down debuffs on players who enter them.
  • When the boss leaps to one side of the arena, pay close attention to the attack he is casting to avoid being knocked into the edges.
  • Players targeted with orange markers should avoid kiting their water orbs near other players.
Attack Script
  • [Torpedo
  • Rising Seas
  • Hydro Pull
  • Hydro Push
  • Blood Puddle]
  • [Repeat]



Tank Healer Tankbuster

Important Notes:
  • This attack hits the tank for moderate damage.


Rising Seas

Healer Raid Wide AoE

Important Notes:
  • This attack hits for moderate group wide damage.


Hydro Pull

Everyone Mechanic

Important Notes:
  • The boss will leap to one side of the arena and begin to cast this attack - all players should run to the opposite side of the platform and prepare to be pulled towards the boss.


Hydro Push

Everyone Mechanic Knockback

Important Notes:
  • The boss will leap to one side of the arena and begin to cast this attack - all players should run to the boss and stack in front of him to prepare to be knocked back across the platform.


Bloody Puddle

Everyone Marker Puddle AoE Tether

Important Notes:
  • 2 players will be marked with orange markers - these players will drop a large circular puddle AoE where they stand, so move away from others.
  • Marked players will then be tethered to a water orb that will follow the player around and fast cast a circular AoE, hitting players within range for damage and a Water Resist Down debuff.


The Old One

Phase 1 Alerts

  • Players should be sure to kill all Subservient adds before the boss casts Order to Self-destruct.
  • When transformed into spriggans, players must drop bombs in the paths of the Subservient adds to destroy them.
Attack Script
  • [Mystic Light
  • Mystic Flame
  • Subservient & Order to Self-destruct
  • Shifting Light]
  • [Repeat]


Mystic Light

Everyone Cone AoE

Important Notes:
  • This attack targets 1 player with a large frontal cone AoE.


Mystic Flame

Everyone Circular AoE

Important Notes:
  • 2 players will be targeted with a large circular AoEs.


Subservient & Order to Self-destruct



Everyone Mechanic Spawn

  • The boss will spawn multiple Subservient adds that will slowly move around the arena.
  • Players should kill all of these adds before Order to Self-destruct casts.
Order to Self-destruct

Everyone Mechanic

  • While players are killing the Subservient adds, the boss will begin to cast Order to Self-destruct - all adds must be killed before this cast finishes.


Shifting Light

Everyone Mechanic Transformation

Important Notes:
  • All players will be transformed into spriggans and can only execute a single move - this attack must be used to instantly kill Subservient adds before the boss finishes casting Order to Self-destruct.


Hrodric Poisontongue

Phase 1 Alerts

  • The boss has 2 attacks that are only telegraphed through animations - pay attention to whether he is raising is arm or tail and dodge appropriately.
  • All attacks from this boss give players stacking Vulnerability Up debuffs.
  • Players should keep an eye out for the gaze attack icon as this attack has a fast cast time.
Attack Script
  • [Rusting Claw
  • Tall Drive
  • The Spin
  • Ring of Chaos
  • Eye of the Fire
  • Cross of Chaos
  • Circle of Chaos
  • Words of Woe]
  • [Repeat]


Rusting Claw

Tank Melee DPS Cleave

Important Notes:
  • This attack has no telegraph - look for the boss to raise his right arm and move away from his front.


Tail Drive

Tank Melee DPS Cleave

Important Notes:
  • This attack has no telegraph - look for the boss to raise his tail into the air and move out from behind him.


The Spin

Everyone Proximity AoE

Important Notes:
  • The boss will crouch down in place and telegraph the proximity AoE - run to the farthest from his position.


Ring of Chaos

Everyone Marker Donut AoE

Important Notes:
  • 1 player will be targeted with a purple marker and drop a donut AoE where they stand - this player should stand still once marked to ensure that the rest of the group can get to safe zones.


Eye of the Fire

Everyone Gaze

Important Notes:
  • This attack as a quick cast and will confuse all players who are looking at the boss when it goes off.


Cross of Chaos

Everyone Marker Column AoE

Important Notes:
  • 1 player will be targeted with a purple marker and cross shaped telegraph - this player should stop moving to allow the rest of the group to move into safe zones.


Circle of Chaos

Everyone Marker Puddle AoE

Important Notes:
  • 1 player will be targeted with a purple marker and will drop a puddle AoE where they stand - move away from others to avoid splashing damage.


Words of Woe

Everyone Column AoE

Important Notes:
  • The boss will turn to 1 player and cast a long column AoE in their direction - move away from the boss' front to avoid being hit.
The Drowned City of Skalla (Normal) | FFXIV Pocket Guide - Final Fantasy XIV - Stormblood (2024)


Who is the second boss in Drowned City of Skalla? ›

The second boss of this dungeon is The Old One, this boss will turn the players into Spriggans two times throughout the fight. Mystic Light - Will target a player and cast a conal AoE. Mystic Flame - AoE's will appear under players and explode.

Is the Stormblood Award winning? ›

During the 2017 awards cycle, the expansion won "Best MMO" from Game Informer, Bleeding Cool, and RPGamer. It was also Editor's Choice for "Best Post-Release Content" at PlayStation Blog. In the 2018 cycle, the game won "Best MMO" from Massively OP.

What level does Stormblood end at? ›

It increases the level cap to 70

For those of you who have wrapped up Heavensward and hit level cap, this will be wonderful news: with Stormblood, you can take your characters from level 60 to level 70!

Is Stormblood free forever? ›

Stormblood is free for anyone who wants it, though it won't be free forever.

Who is the main character in the drowned cities? ›

Set in the same fallen world as "Ship Breakers", this book follows the story of Mahlia, a young girl left to survive on her own after the Chinese peacekeepers abandon their efforts to stop the fighting in what is left of the eastern seaboard of the USA, now called the Drowned Cities.

Who is the last boss in sirensong sea? ›

Lorelei. The final boss of this dungeon is Lorelei. This boss's main mechanic is Virgin Tears, which she will use in conjunction with various other attacks throughout the fight.

Is Stormblood shorter than Heavensward? ›

Stormblood is definitely shorter, probably the shortest (?) from what I am guessing. ARR > HW > SHB > SB for length.

Who is the final boss in Stormblood? ›

This is basically the final boss of the Stormblood extension. Shinryu is a giant primal dragon controlled by Zenos, and it is up to the player and their party to stop it from destroying the world.

How old is Thancred in Stormblood? ›

EDIT: After doing some digging, according to the Final Fantasy Wikia, Thancred is 32, while Y'shtola is only 23. So they're still young.

How old is Alphinaud in Stormblood? ›

Alphinaud is a sixteen-year-old Elezen with white hair. He and his sister have yet to reach their final growth spurt, so they are considerably shorter than adult Elezen. He wears a large delta-shaped earring on his left ear and dark blue clothing that matches his sister's.

What is the best dungeon in Stormblood? ›

Despite this, Doma Castle still wins out as the most iconic dungeon from Stormblood.

How do I get Stormblood for free? ›

During the campaign period, users will be able to add Stormblood to their account for free by obtaining it from participating retailers. Once redeemed, Stormblood will be registered to your account and will not be removed after the campaign ends.

When did Stormblood become free? ›

It's time to head to the Far East. It's time for Stormblood. And from now until May 8, 2023, this massive expansion is completely free for players who own or buy the Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition!

Where is the Ghimlyt Dark? ›

For those who dare travel 'twixt Aldenard and Ilsabard, there is but one path, and it leads through Ghimlyt. A confluence of harsh terrain and aetheroclimatic conditions have shrouded the land in perpetual darkness, and it is here the decisive battle for Eorzea begins.

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