Where Is The Nearest Popeyes (2024)

1. 2024 Popeyes closest.

  • 2 dagen geleden · ... Where is the closest store? What are their hours of operation? Where is ... Use our store locator to find addresses to Popeyes Chicken locations ...

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2. 2024 Popeyes locations map.

  • 2 dagen geleden · Map for local Popeyes Restaurant locations in Connecticut, United States with addresses, opening hours, phone numbers, directions, ...

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3. Popeyes - Locations - ONroute

4. Restaurant Locator - Popeyes India

  • Popeyes India: The Iconic Global Brand is now in India: Order your favourite Chicken Sandwich, Veg Burgers, Rice Bowls, Wraps, Signature Chicken & more ...

  • Popeyes India: The Iconic Global Brand is now in India: Order your favourite Chicken Sandwich, Veg Burgers, Rice Bowls, Wraps, Signature Chicken & more online.

5. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Delivery Near You | Order Online - Grubhub

6. Store Locator - Popeyes -- Page Title

  • Enter your location to find the nearest Popeyes: Enter your location to find a Popeyes near you.

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7. The Closest Popeyes Chicken To Me - nk bariatrica

  • Mala Chicken Sandwich , Popeyes Chicken Combo (3 pcs) , FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH.

  • Clínica Especializada em Cirurgia Bariátrica em Florianópolis, a equipe da NK Bariátrica foi a pioneira em performar Cirurgias Bariátricas em Santa Catarina, conta com os especialistas em Cirurgia Bariátrica Dr. Nicolau Kruel (CRM/SC 951 - RQE 6279) e Dr. Nicholas Kruel (CRM/SC 15636 - RQE 10718)

8. Locations | Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Hawaii

  • Visit us at six locations on Oahu in Pearl City, Mililani, Waipahu, Salt Lake, Kapahulu, and Kalihi.

9. Locations - Popeyes Singapore

  • Locations · Ang Mo Kio Hub · Changi Airport T1 · Compass One · FairPrice Hub · IMM · Jurong Point · Kallang Wave Mall · Marina Square. 6 Raffles Boulevard #02- ...

Where Is The Nearest Popeyes (2024)


Which is better KFC or Popeyes? ›

Popeyes beats KFC at every level – flavor, presentation, and brand experience. It's easy to see why Popeyes is stealing market share from KFC. Popeyes, hands down, is giving consumers a better product than KFC, with the prices virtually the same on most menu items.

Who owns Popeyes chicken? ›

Alvin C. Copeland Sr. is the mastermind behind Popeyes, a chain of restaurants specializing in spicy, New Orleans-style chicken. Chicken on the Run, which became Popeyes, opened its doors in 1972. That one restaurant has grown into a multi-billion business, which is owned by Restaurant Brands International.

Is Popeyes Chicken the same as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen? ›

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., also known as Popeyes and formerly named Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits, is an American multinational chain of fried chicken restaurants formed in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana and headquartered in Miami.

Who is Popeyes biggest competitor? ›

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen competitors include Darden Restaurants, KFC, Luby's, Long John Silver's and Burger King. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen ranks 5th in Gender Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Which chicken is better Chick-fil-A or Popeyes? ›

Not Everyone Agrees Chick-Fil-A Is The Clear Winner

Chick-fil-A edged out Popeyes in terms of size, but Popeyes came out as the overall winner. Other media outlets did similar tests and also found that Popeyes had the edge over Chick-fil-A. The Popeyes spice blend seems to win with the taste buds.

What is a Popeyes sampler? ›

Popeyes just introduced a $10 sampler at select locations, which includes two pieces of bone-in chicken, two tenders, eight shrimp, two biscuits, and a choice of two sides. The sides include cole slaw, cajun fries, cajun fries with cheese, mashed potatoes, garlic rice, and biscuits, if you insist on another one.

What rapper owns Popeyes? ›

Popeyes has announced a HOT collaboration with Grammy Award-winning musician, entrepreneur, and now Popeyes franchise owner, Megan Thee Stallion.

Did Burger King own Popeyes? ›

RBI owns four of the world's most prominent and iconic quick service restaurant brands – TIM HORTONS®, BURGER KING®, POPEYES® and FIREHOUSE SUBS®. These independently operated brands have been serving their respective guests, franchisees and communities for decades.

What does Popeyes stand for? ›

He reopened his restaurant as “Popeyes” — named for Gene Hackman's hard-boiled police detective Popeye Doyle from the 1971 film The French Connection — and started serving the authentic New Orleans-style spicy chicken that is famous today.

What was the old name of Popeyes Chicken? ›

It first opened its doors on June 12, 1972, as "Chicken on the Run". Owner Al Copeland wanted to compete with Kentucky Fried Chicken, but his restaurant failed after several months. Copeland reopened the restaurant four days later as Popeyes Mighty Good Chicken.

Which is older, KFC or Popeyes? ›

Popeyes has been frying chicken since 1972, per the company website. According to People, founder Alvin C. Copeland Sr. opened the eatery to compete with Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises, the first of which opened two decades prior in Utah (via KFC).

Is Popeyes owned by Mcdonalds? ›

On February 21, 2017, RBI announced its intent to acquire Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for US$1.8 billion at US$79 per share. On March 27, 2017, the deal closed with RBI purchasing Popeyes at $79 per share via Orange, Inc, an indirect subsidiary of RBI.

Is KFC good quality chicken? ›

We use 100 percent real chicken raised on U.S. farms. Our chicken is USDA inspected for quality before it can be delivered to our kitchens.

Why is KFC the best? ›

KFC uses a special signature blend of herbs and spices

A big part of what makes KFC's chicken so tasty is its highly coveted blend of herbs and spices. The restaurant's chicken is savory and herbaceous with lingering notes of pepper.

What is the best thing at Popeyes? ›

Popeyes' classic fried chicken — and the spicier version — has a lighter coating of breading than the tenders, and it's delicious. Delicate, golden brown, and full of flavor, we'd go so far as to say that it's almost absolute perfection.

What is more popular, KFC or Chick-fil-A? ›

Chick-fil-A's brand is ranked #3 in the list of Global Top 100 Brands, as rated by customers of Chick-fil-A. KFC's brand is ranked #130 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of KFC. Their current valuation is $32.95B.

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